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Blue Moon And A Powerful Trifecta

michaela moryskova

Posted on January 31 2018

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The phrase “once in a blue moon” could not bear any more truth than it does on January 31 this year. Not only is a blue moon rare but the fact that it’s also a blood moon and super moon taking place during a lunar eclipse makes it worth waking up at the pre-dawn hours to witness it, depending on what side of the world you’re on.
But before even breaking down the spiritual meaning of each moon, let’s break down what this celestial trifecta means: super moon (full moon relatively close to the earth), blood moon (occurs during lunar eclipse, will be orange or red) and blue moon (second full moon in one calendar month, rare instance). To get the full effect of this powerful trifecta, first recognize that you might feel a little aggressive considering this is an eclipse in Leo. If you’ve been running around like a nut for whatever reason, this a perfect time to tug at those spiritual breaks a bit. “Right now the moon is the closest it has been to earth, for those of us who are sensitive and emotional it’s especially important to stay grounded and slow down. The moon can sometimes amplify our feelings of anxiety or sadness, so it is critical to take time to reflect and write. Take this time to nourish yourself,”


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