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Inspiring Yogi: A Q&A with Aisha Danielle

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Posted on April 18 2018

Life can be hard, and you will need to be stronger than you think you are. Yoga helps people see reserves of inner strength to find hope, resilience, and happiness.


This is the first post about How the Practice of Yoga Changed Lives.


Aisha Danielle is a sweetheart Vegan Yogi. She opened her heart and shared her extraordinary transformation with us on a quick Q&A.


Inspiring Yogi: A Q&A with Aisha Danielle


LVBY - How was yoga introduced into your life?
Aisha - My dad died of cancer when I was 17 years and his death was the most traumatic moment of my life so far. I fell into a deep depression. I could not recognize myself anymore and waking up was a struggle. One day while working out at the gym I decided to join in on this Sunday morning yoga class. I thought everything the lady was telling us to do was impossible. But I kept going back to that same class, every Sunday morning. It became my thing. Get in the car. Turn on acoustic sunrise station and go to yoga. That class became my oasis and helped me prepare for the week no matter how hard it might be.
I started to develop my own practice outside of class and it helped me get through my depression. It brought me back to me, the real me. It taught me that what exists inside me is already whole and complete. Each time I come back to the mat, I come knowing that I’m a masterpiece and a work in progress simultaneously. By choosing to take the time to show up for myself I noticed negative thought patterns began to shift and new pathways were created as I embraced all of the wonderful paradoxes that make me, me. Suddenly my feelings of weakness became strength.

Inspiring Yogi: A Q&A with Aisha Danielle
LVBY - Why was yoga a life change for you?
Aisha - Yoga has been life-changing for me because, Through yoga, I began to love the things that I used to not love so much about my body. When I flow feelings of self-consciousness vanish. I find peace and tranquility. As I became aware of my physical body, feeling myself become stronger and more flexible helped me find my grace and strength within. Through my practice, I’ve learned not only to honor my body but all that it is capable of.

LVBY - What makes you start your Instagram and share your love for your lifestyle?
Aisha - I started my Instagram because I wanted to share my love for vegan food and the healthy lifestyle. When I began yoga it quickly turned into me sharing my daily practice. I love to share what I do in hopes to inspire and empower someone on any phase of their journey. I love sharing my thoughts on self-love and body positivity because I think it’s so important to bring up those topics in a society that does not fully embrace them.
Inspiring Yogi: A Q&A with Aisha Danielle
LVBY - How do you feel inspiring other people and sharing your knowledge?
Aisha - I didn’t think I would inspire anyone just by uploading things on a little app on my phone but when I get messages from others telling me that they are starting yoga because I influenced them, it makes my heart happy.

LVBY - In your opinion, why people should try yoga and keep challenge their selves?
Aisha - I think everyone should try yoga because Yoga isn’t just about the beautiful physical postures, it’s a journey to your self.

Inspiring Yogi: A Q&A with Aisha Danielle 

There are experiences in life that call on you to find a strength you never thought you had.


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