Shop and Support, Donate a mat now.

Every La Vie Boheme Yoga Mat you purchase will help give back to children in need.

For every three mats sold, one will be donated to a participating school from K-12. We are partnering with the Sean O’ Shea Foundation to provide at-risk youth basic core yoga practices of breath, pose and meditation that this non-profit foundation provides via educator training.

We, at La Vie Boheme Yoga, are passionate about this program that can enrich young lives, and encourage future success in life. 

La Vie Boheme Yoga stands behind the many benefits associated with adolescents practicing yoga, which include: sharpening and maintaining focus, self esteem improvement, and guiding principles to a healthier lifestyle.

Your purchase will have a direct effect on young lives, and on behalf of LVBY and Sean O’ Shea foundation, thank you for your support of this worthy cause.