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How to clean your yoga mat


Our yoga mats are made from PVC material that is completely latex-free and non-toxic. The mats are “off-gassed” at the manufacturer to remove chemical smells. If your mat still has a chemical odor, we recommend that you wash and air out the mat so the smell will dissipate.

The recommended way to wash the mats is to use mild soap diluted in warm water. Gently rub down the mat with a non-abrasive sponge, and then let the mats air dry.

Most yoga mats incur a thin residue during their production that can feel slippery when first using the mat. This residue can be wiped off with a wet rag, or will disappear over a breaking period. Please do not use a cleaning solution that is too soapy or the soap may leave a slippery residue.

If your mat is lightly soiled, using a spray bottle or damp cloth wet the soiled surface with water then wipe it dry with a clean terry cloth towel.

To decrease the mat’s drying time, lay it on a dry towel and roll the mat and towel together. Step on the rolled up mat and towel to squeeze most of the water from your mat into the towel. Unroll your mat and hang it to air dry.

With use and washing your mat should become softer and stickier.

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